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The professional and efficient platform has won unanimous praise.

2016/5/18 12:56:50

On the third day, the Prolight + Sound Guangzhou (Guangzhou Expo) has ushered a large number of visitors with increasing popularity. The pavilion inside and outside is very crowded. The exhibitors have fully affirmed the Guangzhou Expo while the visitors have given a high evaluation on the rich exhibits and wonderful live demonstrations.

The exhibitors are very satisfied with the professional visitors with respect to quantity and quality.

The Guangzhou Expo has been committed to building an efficient business and trade platform for the prolight + sound industry. In order to realize the mission, the organizer has been working closely with the domestic and foreign associations. This time, the Expo has worked together with Shanghai Trade Association for Performances, Zhejiang Association of Stage and Fine Arts, Guangdong Association of Recording Engineers, Guangdong Association of State and Fine Arts, Guangdong Trade Association of Performances, China Association of Recording Engineers and Guangdong TV Station as well as the professional buyer group such as Huicong Preparatory Organization Professional Buyers, including:

Shanghai Stage and Fine Arts Expert Panel
Zhejiang Stage and Fine Arts Expert Panel
Guangzhou TV Expert Panel
Guangdong Stage and Fine Arts Expert Panel
China Experts Panel of Recording Engineers
TV Light Specialist Panel